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Bootleg Cocktail Co. | Mango Tree

Bootleg Cocktail Company believes that fresh is never a compromise. We make our ready-to-drink bottled cocktails with fresh, Florida-grown ingredients that give our product a signature bright, crisp, and refreshing taste. The canned cocktail market is already full of pre-bottled drinks that taste stale or fake. So call us rebels, like our bootlegging forefathers, for making a ready-to-drink cocktail that tastes just as fresh as one made by a professional mixologist, because it is.  At Bootleg Cocktail Company, we want to raise the quality of the drinking experiment to provide escapism. So grab a bottle, pour a drink for you and your friends, and escape to the land of rebels and sunshine.

Aperitivo with Friends

Meet Its Maker

Gregory Genias, now better known as BootlegGreg, was born in the hills of Cockpit Country, Trelawny, Jamaica. At an early age, Greg learned the benefits of plants and herbs for the human body and later combined that knowledge with the outstanding food & beverage culture of Jamaica to create the master mixologist that is BootlegGreg. From high-end resorts in Montego Bay’s Hip Strip, the Holland America Cruise Line, and numerous South Florida bars and restaurants, BootlegGreg has created an impressive list of accolades during his illustrious career in the alcohol industry. Now Greg has decided to bring his drinks to the masses with Bootleg Cocktail Company.

Bootleg Cocktail Co. | Gregory Genias, Founder

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